YTM Online Company Details: Products, Income Plans, and FAQs

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What is YTM Online?

Yashika Trading & Marketing Pvt Ltd is the full name of this Indian Direct Selling company, which was founded on 30 November 2015 and is headquartered in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Two directors are currently employed with the company.

Being a direct selling business, anyone may join YTM’s online business as a direct seller and make money by selling YTM items.

You must first register on the YTM Company website at in order to become a Direct Seller of the Company. You will require a sponsor ID for this, which you can get from any YTM dealer. You must activate your sponsor ID after registering. The four different categories of packages that make up the YTM items must be completed in order to purchase them. You are free to purchase any bundle and register in the Direct Seller program inside of it.

There are two main tasks to complete after becoming a direct seller: inviting people to join YTM online business as your downline and persuading them to purchase YTM products. Only when the downline purchases the product does the upsell receive commission, so those who create more downlines receive higher commission rates. The YTM Business Plan will go into more detail about this.

YTM Company Details

DirectorsKamal Narayan Sahu, Ashok Kumar Sahu
Head OfficeHouse No.101, Beside Oriental Bank Of Commerce Main Road, Samta Colony Raipur CT 492001 IN
Date of Incorporation30-Nov-2015
COC CodeRoC-Chhattisgarh
Ragistration Number001959
Customer Care Number+91 88177 52441
Domain Registration2020-Apri-02

YTM Online Products

Over 50 products are available from YTM Online, a manufacturer of health and beauty care products, and they are all available in MRP, DP, and BV.

To put it another way, when someone joins YTM’s direct sales team, he receives the company’s products at DP (Distributor Price). The YTM Distributor Key business is calculated based on the BV (Business Volume), which is also created during the purchase and sale of each YTM product.

How to Join YTM Company?

In order to join the group, you must register at Additionally, it might be connected to this company via its current distributor.

You will need a sponsor ID card in addition to a few other necessary ID cards in order to participate. In addition, you will need to pay between Rs 2000 and Rs 8000 for a joining pack. who offers some of their Vatahari Vati for sale.

YTM Online Packages

Although it is free to join YTM Company, you must first activate your ID in order to earn money by adding additional members. The company offers four packages, which you can see below, to activate the ID.

PackagePriceWeekly Capping
1st Package250050k – 1 lac
2nd Package500075k – 1.5 lac
3rd Package100001.25 lac – 2.5 lac
4th Package510002.5 lac

You must buy a package from a distributor to activate your ID. he can purchase the product from the YTM Company with an MRP of Rs. 4000 and receive 1000 BV each week. Cannot make more than 50k to 1 lakh rupees; if he needs to make more, he must accept the next package.

Similar to the packages offered today, those in the future will cost more and offer more benefits, as shown in the chart above.

YTM Company Income Plans

Also available to new YTM members are 12 distributor ranks and 8 distinct income streams.

  • 30 to 100 percent of retail revenue
  • 10% Cashback
  • Bonus (15%) for new users
  • Leadership Bonus (30%)
  • (7.5%) Unlimited Car Fund
  • Limitless House Fund (7.5%)
  • 10% Hero Bonus for YTM
  • Continuous compounding earns you a bonus of 5%.

All of this revenue is initially not available, but in order to receive it, certain conditions must be satisfied and a sizable downline network must be built.

YTM Online Company Review

We hope the information above has given you a better understanding of your YTM Online Company and the way in which its distributors are paid.

We will now present our analysis of this company, which covers a few crucial points.

Authentic and Doubtful Goods

The products sold by YTM Corporation are quite expensive. Each YTM product’s MRP is higher than those of well-known brands like Patanjali and Baidyanath, demonstrating that the business is not efficient in terms of cost.

Additionally, the packaging of the products from YTM Corporation seems subpar.

Due to the company’s inappropriate pricing and packaging, it would be very difficult for a distributor to sell YTM Company’s products given the large number of companies in the Ayurvedic industry.

health-related side effects

MLM companies frequently sell dietary supplements, cosmetics, and health products because they receive higher commissions. This substance does, however, occasionally damage to health.

Although YTM Company claims that its medications treat heart- and diabetes-related conditions, is the medication actually the best option for each patient?

These products should not be taken as supplements because YTM Company has not made any study papers about their product available.

distributor turns into physician

Businesses like Renatus Wellness and AWPL have been known to have distributors pose as doctors in order to earn commission on product sales.

His life is in danger when someone approaches a patient and offers his goods while posing as an Ayurvedic practitioner. Because of this, it’s important to closely monitor the MLM company’s state of health.

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The YTM company: Fake or Real?

The YTM Company complies with the Direct Selling Rules 2021 and is MCA-registered.

The direct selling industry is legitimate as a result. The fact that we are personally dissatisfied with the company’s product, however, is what matters most.

It is crucial that they are appropriate because the distributor is only allowed to sell particular products.


Who is YTM’s founder?

YTM Company was founded by the brothers Ashok Kumar Sahu and Kamal Narayan Sahu in 2015.

What is the price of joining YTM Company?

To purchase its goods, one must register as a distributor. A product costing at least Rs 2000 must be used in this.

Should people register for YTM?

It is true that you can add a logo to it. By bringing people together, you can create many different income streams.

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